Operation Phoenix

The Operation

Operation Phoenix is aiming to be the Ecosystem of 2024! CoFounded by Squidgrow Joe, partnered with top developers like Defi Mark, and partnered with some of your biggest influencers. Utilities already released such as our DEX, Swapper, Launchpad, Staking, and Burn Lotto. Utilities you can look forward to include the NFT Marketplace, decentralized wallet, and the blockchain.

Our Utilities and products

Sell-Less DEX (Live)

With Phoenix Swap contract sells become a thing of the past. When a project holds LP on Phoenix Swap, taxes are distributed at the time of the transaction instead of storing them in the contract to sell later. Keeping that nasty red line off the chart and community morale high.

Sell-Less Swapper (Live)

The difference between the Sell-Less Swapper and the Sell-less dex is you do not have to hold LP on the swapper.

The swapper routes directly through PancakeSwap and distributes the taxes at the time of the purchase instead of storing it in the contract to swap and liquify.

Staking (Live)

Pool 1- 30 day lock with 10% APY
Pool 2- 14 day lock with 5% APY

Pool 3- 6 month lock with Auto Compounding and 50% APY

On the 6 month your time resets with every deposit! So every time you add your 6 months starts there. So if you want to stager your locks make new wallets.

There will be a 25% emergency withdraw fee on both the 14 day and 30 day locks. There will be a 30% withdraw fee on the 6 month lock.

Launchpad (Live)

Tokens will be whitelisted and can only launch with the approval of Operation Phoenix. Once approved the project will have access to:

Operation Phoenix Community
Top Crypto YouTubers
CEX Listings and more

Merch (Live)

Will sell all thing crypto branded including offering “Merch as a Service” any company that sells their brand through our Merch shop will receive 50% of the profits.

Infinity Launch (Coming Soon)

Are you looking to fair/stealth launch a project? With Infinity Launch you can do so with the full support of Defi Shaun, Squidgrow Joe, Krypton Calls Investing, and the backing of the Operation Phoenix community and partners.

NFT Launchpad (Coming Soon)

Launch your NFT campaign and have the full support of Operation Phoenix with all the same benefit of the Launchpad.

Wallet (Coming Soon)

Operation Phoenix Wallet will be a multi-chain wallet and truly decentralized.

Blockchain (Coming Soon)

The blockchain will offer the same Sell-Less tech that comes from the DEX.

This will allow any and all projects to launch on our blockchain and have the Sell-Less tech automatically integrated into their project. This will either be a layer 1 or Layer 2 Blockchain.

To become a partner to any of the above products please contact @The_Kryptonian01 on telegram

Infinity Swap
The new defi

In the rapidly evolving world of decentralized finance (DeFi), the emergence of decentralized exchanges (DEXes) has been pivotal. Traditional DEXes like Pancakeswap have set the stage by incentivizing high liquidity for large market-cap tokens. However, Infinity Swap is introducing a groundbreaking approach, focusing on benefiting small-cap DeFi tokens. Our platform is not about becoming a liquidity giant; it’s about adding value to the DeFi ecosystem.